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AOC 27E1H Is It Worth Your Money

by Henry
AOC 27E1H Is It Worth Your Money

A good display always makes or breaks your experience. Whether you are gaming, streaming, or performing any other tasks, you require crisp visuals for all your viewing pleasures. But a good monitor is always hard to find and quite expensive at times as well. But what is a great monitor which is completely worth your money?

Well, AOC is a brand that has been there for a long time now and has never failed to provide the best products for all your viewing needs. Whenever you buy AOC monitors you are guaranteed to have the best quality product. We are going to review AOC 27E1H, and see is it really worth your money or not?

This great monitor is equipped with a 27 inches IPS display, which gives you a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The aspect ratio of 16:9 seems to be just great for comfortable viewing. The bezel is not as narrow as you might be expected to be but still gives you an adequate screen-to-body ratio to enjoy larger-than-life visuals. The colors are sharp and vivid, whereas the overall picture quality will just leave you mesmerized. You get to enjoy all your visuals in a really crisp and clear way, thanks to its IPS display. Whether you are watching images, streaming movies, or playing games, you will get an extremely detailed display.

Smoothness Guaranteed:
Whether you decide to use this monitor for gaming or streaming, you will get to see the smooth as silk visuals and graphics. AOC 27E1H has a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 5ms. These specs let you enjoy the visuals, without any kind of lag or motion blur. Even playing some of your fast-paced E-sport games will also feel like a treat.

Easy on the Eyes:
Whenever you play your games for a long period of time or even stream your movies late at night, you are more prone to getting your eyesight damaged. AOC 27E1H has the low Blue light feature, which makes it quite easy on the eyes. It filters out the blue light from your visuals, so the stress to your eyes is at a minimum. You can easily enjoy all your viewing pleasures, without the worry of damaging your eyes. It gives you the comfort to let your kids enjoy their long gaming sessions with ease.

The adjustable stand of this great AOC monitor lets you set it up, the way it is comfortable for you. It has a 25 degrees tilt range, which helps you tilt the display as you please. It reduces stress from your neck and shoulder, so you can enjoy the long hours of streaming and gaming, in a carefree manner. It also has the 100x100 Vesa Wall mounting, so you can mount it on the wall save a lot of space on your table for other stuff.

AOC 27E1H has VGA and HDMI ports to let you guys attach any of your devices, and enjoy your visuals the right way. If you still have old-school devices with VGA cables, then you can easily connect them without any hassle. Most of the new gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and other devices support HDMI. It has an HDMI port as well, so you can enjoy your gaming and streaming display in HD quality.

Slim and Sleek:
In addition to being super powerful, it is also sleek and stylish. The slim body with bold color gives it a simple yet classy look. You can put it on your table and still have a lot of space for other stuff as well. It also has the cable management feature, which keeps you away from the tangling wires. It is quite lightweight as well and weighs in at just 4.62kg. It is easy to store and even easier to carry around.

Final Verdict:
Well, this was the review of arguably the most efficient, and performance-oriented monitor you will ever come across. It has all the features you need to give you the best visuals every single time. The visuals you get are definitely crisp and detailed. Even the drop of sweat running down from the forehead of your game character can be easily seen on it. So, after reviewing it we have concluded, that this monitor is certainly worth your money. So do not waste your time visiting a laptop outlet and buying this or choosing from a wide collection of AOC monitors.

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