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Learn The Best Tips For Arctic Ice Fishing

by Henry
Learn The Best Tips For Arctic Ice Fishing

You Need A Basic Equipment
You will not need to use many implements to fish because a rod and some hook will suffice. You can buy the best rod in this type of fishing made up of a very small but resistant reel. You must buy a lure spoon in one of its three versions, such as copper, gold, and silver.

You can buy artificial or live lures at different fishing stores at an affordable price. To start arctic fishing, you will need to drill the ice, and for this, you must have a cordless drill. The most expensive investment you will make in this sport is the drill's purchase, but it will be worth it because it will last a long time.

Protect Your Body
For arctic ice fishing, you have to protect your body because you will feel very cold. You have to wear the appropriate clothing for sports and avoid hypothermia due to low temperatures. You can buy a wool sweater that will keep your body warm even though the cold is very bad.

In addition to wearing a sweater to fish, you will need to buy gloves, socks, a hat, and a neck cover. With this sport, you have to think a lot about your comfort and not be enduring all the cold. You can also buy reindeer or other animal skin to cover your body from this unfavorable climate.

Worry About Your Safety
Not all year round is good for Arctic fishing, and it is something that you should take into account. You have to worry about your safety and fish in a safe place in Norway or other countries. The ice where you will be fishing should be at least 8 cm thick so that you are sure to stand there.

For arctic fishing, you have to focus on the lakes' shores and not go downtown because it can be dangerous. If you fish in this area close to land, you can run in case the ice breaks.

Find Out Where The Fish Are
If you are new to Arctic fishing, you should know that it is difficult to know where the fish are. You can pierce the ice without success which will take up your time in the sport. You can go through the holes drilled by other people to see if you are lucky to catch some fish.

One piece of advice you can take when fishing arctic is that most fish are found on the shores. If you are looking for trout, you may find small schools because the fish is very lonely.

With Different Techniques, You Can Catch Different Fish
When you practice arctic fishing, you must consider that not all fishing techniques are the same for the fish. You may be fishing in Norway and looking for fish on the shore, but it is not the same in Canada. Arctic fishing varies by country, but if you decorate your rod with a good lure, you may catch a fish.

If you want to fish for arctic trout, you may need a real lure and not an artificial one. This type of fish is very scary, and with your fishing, you have to be very patient to catch it. You don't have to give up on Arctic fishing and learn a few extra tricks to catch fish as quickly as possible.

Where to try Artcitc Ice Fishing
You can try artistic ice fishing in many different countries. You have to keep in mind though, that you should be looking at countries far up north. To keep your costs low, you can use TopFlightsNow to search for flights to your artistic ice fishing tour.

One of the most popular places to practice this is Alaska. Although it’s a harsh environment and can prove hard to reach, it is without question one of the best places to try an authentic arctic ice fishing experience. If you would like to stay in a more populated area you can try Canada, Norway or Finland. There are also opportunities for this in some places of Russia.

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