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Location tagging Is it important to add this to your posts

by Henry
Location tagging Is it important to add this to your posts

All the available social media platforms including Instagram are all about content. The content you post on any social media platform has the utmost significance so it must be high quality & optimized. Otherwise, it won’t be of any use as if your targeted audience isn’t going to notice it. There are more than a few ways of optimizing your content, which include using hashtags & adding relevant keywords etc. One more important way that can make your content get noticed by your targeted audience is by adding location tags. The benefits of adding location tags are beyond your expectations. It is one of the finest ways to attract the people within the same location as yours & the ones who are browsing the content containing the geotag of some specific area.

When it comes to businesses specifically, you can use the city or town as a location tag or it may be a business’s physical establishment. When you choose to add a location tag to your Instagram posts, it is displayed below your username at the top, once you are done publishing your post. Once the users tap on any geolocation tag, they can see all the content (photos or videos) from diverse profiles that have tagged this. If you have just started your Instagram journey, you can always build an initial follower base by buying Instagram followers in the UK or by buying Instagram likes UK strategy.

Location Tagging Benefits for the Businesses
In this digital age, it is a common practice for every consumer to utilize their smartphones, when searching for local businesses. When you choose to add geotag with your Instagram posts, it increases the chances of being seen by the targeted audience i.e. the users that are searching for that specific niche.

According to a recent survey, it is claimed that the people these days search on the internet first before purchasing something to get accurate information about it. More than 70% of people practice this before making a purchase. According to another research, 50% of the people look for relevant videos about the services or products they are going to purchase. In light of these facts that most people consult the internet before making any purchase, it has been proved in several types of research that the Instagram posts that contain location tags enjoy 10x more engagement than the ones without them. In short, location tagging benefits are for every businessperson, no matter local or international/ big or small. Whether you are running a small store locally or you are a global brand that ships products to other countries, your business is going to get exposure & increased engagement from location tags.

Let us discuss another aspect of adding a location tag to your Instagram posts. All of us know that the location tag allows users to see all the content from your profile with the same tag. Other than this, it also allows them to see the posts from your customers who have tagged your business in their posts. Everyone knows that the word of mouth works like a magic so people can see reviews from your customers too. The good & positive reviews from your loyal customers will always motivate others to purchase your products or services.

The process to create the location tag for your business
All the location tags on Instagram originally come from Facebook. So, if you want to utilize this option to take advantage, you must have a Facebook page of your business for this purpose. Otherwise, if you don’t have one, your geotag option will not be shown on Instagram.

In a few cases, the location of some businesses can be found even if they don’t have a social media presence. How does this happen The businesses that are much popular amongst their customers have a long trail of loyal customers. Their customers create geotag for them for using tags in their posts etc.

Just try adding your business location tag in one of your Instagram posts. If it’s being done successfully, that’s great. On the other hand, if you are unable to add, you can always create a new location tag on Facebook to add your business’ geotag to your posts. How can you do this? The process is simple. Go to your Facebook profile & click on the Create the location button in your Facebook account. Now, all you have to do is create a new post on Facebook & click on the Check-in button. Enter the name of your business & provide the details about your business before submitting it. As soon as you are done, you can see your business’s geotagged on your Instagram profile as well.

The process to add a location tag to your Instagram posts
Adding a location tag to Instagram posts is the simplest process. However, if you haven’t added it yet to your posts, you must have a look at the process to take its full advantage. The very first thing you need to do is log in to your Instagram app from your tablet or smartphone for adding your business’s geotag to your Instagram posts. You can add this while posting the new content to your profile or even for the pictures or videos that have already been posted.

Let us first discuss the process to add a location tag while posting new content. Tap on the Add Location option available & in the search field, write the name of your business & choose the accurate one from the available options. That’s it, you are done.

On the other hand, if you need to add the location tag to already posted content, the process is a bit different but is still simplest. Go to the specific post you need to add a location tag to & click on the post’s top right. Choose the Edit option from there & then the Add Location option and then repeat the same as above. Write the name of your business in the search bar & choose the accurate one from the list of available options. Once you practice adding location tags to your Instagram posts, you will notice a magical change as more users will like your posts. Other than this, you will get Instagram followers from IGFollowers.

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