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Boxing Games for Xbox One

by Henry
Boxing Games for Xbox One

Boxing games are one of the most popular genres of video games. Even in the real-world, boxing is perhaps the most famous sport from the combative sports category. It does not matter anymore if you do not want to get up and physically exert yourself; you can punch out your frustrations on a virtual opponent. After all, we have all heard about famous boxers, and what gamer does not like to spend playing this sport from their PC or console’s safety?

Boxing games are addicting games with simple control, skills, and techniques focusing on upper body strength that anyone can use. There is no complex gameplay, and you can quickly become a champion of your virtual world. Some people might consider these games brutal to play but their simplicity charms other gamers who are fond of combative games.

There are many types of boxing games available. Man games use fictional characters or real-life boxers as characters, but some offer the chance to hit and punch real-life celebrities, politicians, or otherwise famous figures. Then there is also a difference between graphics. Some provide simple cartoon gameplay, while some give you the most stunning 3d graphics. There is also a difference between the complexity, i.e., some games allow you to upgrade your chosen character and train stats, and some are just simple one-on-one matches. Xbox One was and still is popular among gamers because of its user-friendly features. Here, we have prepared a list of games you can enjoy on your Xbox One.

List of Boxing Games for Xbox One:

Fight Night Champion:
With a 4.0 rating, Fight Night Champion is the fifth and last entry in the Fight Night series, developed and published by EA Canada and Electronic Arts. It comes in multiple modes, including single-player, multiplayer, offline, and online. This game’s darker tone sets it apart from its predecessors, as it clearly shows how brutal this sport in real life can be. The game’s story follows a talented boxer who must fight against corruption and the hardships of life to come to the top. With a compelling storyline, great graphics, and animations that realistically capture the details of boxing, this สปอร์ตพูล has been praised by critics for the way it depicts the real brutality of sports and for providing a plot that does not feel soulless or emotionless routine of punching the face of your opponent.

WWE 2K Games Battlegrounds:
Unlike the previous entry, this is an arcade-style professional wrestling game with a lesser audience rate of 3.7. This is not as successful because many gamers do not consider it worth the hefty price tag it comes with. It was developed and published by Saber Interactive and 2K Sports in response to its predecessor’s backlash, WWE 2K20, because of poor gameplay, graphics, and glitches. It comes with both single and multiplayer modes, and in addition to Xbox One, it can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia. The gameplay is straightforward and gives off more fun and goofy vibe. All in all, it’s another not-so-memorable entry in a long list of the forgettable combative game.

EA Sports UFC, 2 and 3:
EA Sports UFC is a mixed martial art fighting video game series developed specifically for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by EA Canada with a composite average of positive reviews. The first installment provides single-player mode, but the 2nd and 3rd installments offer multiplayer mode. It also has simple plot development with good-quality graphics that depict the physical aspects of boxing.

Pato Box:
Inspired by the Punch-out series, it is an adventure fighting game. This game’s world-building is quite surreal, as it shows a boxing duck fighting villains and a crime organization. The graphics are unique, evident because their exchanged dialogues are delivered in the comic book style. This concept might seem silly on paper, but contrary to normal expectations, this game provides a vivid gameplay experience. This is a refreshing but underrated entry in this genre. Rated 4 out of 5, this game has a simple but engaging plot, noir aesthetic, and unique graphics. But most importantly: you get to fight as a boxing duck!

Cruz Brothers:
This is a rather ambitious project developed by a relatively new studio from Brazil, “DCF Studios.” The plot is nothing special, but rather a simplistic one and takes inspiration from real history. It comes with multiple arcade modes, multiplayer battles, training, 2v2 fights, and drawn graphics. Again, it is rather ambitious, but even with all this, it has relatively low ratings due to its high cost and shallow mechanics.

Punch Club:
With a 4/5 rating, this is a sporting management simulation developed and published by Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild. The story follows the protagonist, who finds his father’s murder while simultaneously managing a fight club. The goal is clearly defined, but there are multiple story branches, i.e., how you can legitimately climb the rankings or take the shady route, all the while focusing on your talents. This is a single-player game that takes a humorous shot at the old action films of the 1980s and 90s. You might find numerous references to these cheesy action flicks and some Easter eggs during the game.

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